Announcing Kibana!

Nick Zadrozny · September 22, 2014
1 minute read

More recent versions of Kibana now comes with an embedded web server, and are also compatible with your Bonsai clusters by default. This makes it more practical for you to self-host Kibana on your own local development server, or as a Heroku application.

You can read more about what you can do to set up Bonsai with Kibana here.

Previous versions of Bonsai embedded a modified installation of Kibana 3 for user convenience, and for compatibility with the authentication required by default on Bonsai clusters. As of February 2016 we no longer have the Kibana tab available on our dashboard.

Many of our customers have asked for Kibana, the popular analytics package which is now officially part of Elasticsearch's suite of tools. We've answered the call and are proud to announce support for Kibana. As of September 22nd, 2014 all Bonsai Hosted Elasticsearch clusters (Heroku and direct signups) can access Kibana from their respective dashboards.

For Heroku customers, access to Kibana can be found here:

Kibana for Heroku customers

For direct signup customers, access to Kibana can be found here:

Kibana for direct signup customers

Kibana is a very powerful analytics package that provides direct search and graphing for your own data. It's eminently extensible allowing for the creation of custom dashboards. There are some default dashboards that cover many of the most common needs as well.

For more information on Kibana, please visit: