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Elasticsearch made simple.

Integrate powerful search functionality into your applications, without ever having to set up or manage servers. Launch a development cluster for free.


Launch production-ready clusters from day one

Free yourself to focus on building a valuable search experience. Elasticsearch best practices are baked right into every Bonsai cluster. Snapshots, high availability, multi-AZ deployments, TLS/SSL, and authentication come standard. Fine-tune security and team access controls within minutes.

Trust a platform built for reliability and performance

Bonsai was the first company to host search engines, which we have done even before Elasticsearch existed. Your search engine will be fully managed by our platform. Bonsai handles all of the routing, security, and maintenance of your clusters 24 hours a day, every single day of the year.

Get prompt and helpful support with every plan

Finding the right answers when setting up your Elasticsearch cluster can help you scale with ease as you grow. Unlike other providers, Bonsai offers prompt email support from a team of engineers with every plan. Even if you’re just getting started with a free cluster, we’re here to help.

“Bonsai is great. Every time we've needed to make any changes to our configuration or to increase storage space, they've reached out to us before it was a problem so that we could work together to find a solution. They're worrying about it so we don't have to. ”

— Scott Wilkinson, CEO, AlphaVu

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