Feature-rich, fully managed Elasticsearch, at any scale, deployed in your account

Bonsai has more experience deploying and managing Elasticsearch than anyone, and we can help you get from struggling to scaling. Our process is simple: stabilize the platform, optimize the deployment, and maximize your value.


From never green to evergreen

Getting starting with Elasticsearch is one thing, long-term scaling is another. That’s why we invented the Evergreen Cluster—our guarantee that your Elasticsearch cluster always stays green. And if anything does go sideways, we’re the ones on call to make it right.

  • Peace of mind

    Give your search team the green light to work on more interesting projects. We’ll cover the pager and deliver a stable platform for your team to build on top of.

  • We’re on the hook

    Never wonder who owns search uptime again. Bonsai gives you steady, consistent ownership of a specialized domain, year after year, while your business grows and teams evolve.

  • Seriously secure

    Private networking, peering, encryption, authorization, auditing, compliance—we’ve seen it all and can handle your requirements.


Spend less on search.

Whether it is time, money, or appetite for risk. Let’s work together to get your fleet of servers dialed into the right levels. We’ll help tune application integrations, search queries, and data partitioning. We’ll also right-size the servers and perform seamless migrations until costs are under control and your cluster is at exactly the right size.

  • We’ve been there

    A decade of proactive support has given us plenty of time in the trenches, analyzing queries, and profiling hot spots. Put our experience to work by focusing your optimization efforts only and exactly where they need to be.

  • We’re transparent

    Our pricing is transparent, and we don’t make money from server capacity so that our incentives are perfectly aligned with yours. We want you running only the the resources your cluster needs. We’re happy when we get to save you money on servers.

  • We’ll do the housekeeping

    You’ve got better things to work on, so we’ll take care of all the housekeeping like applying patches and rolling out new versions. There are no hidden costs here for necessary tooling—request logs and cluster analytics are included.


Get more value from search.

We help you get your cluster fast and accurate so that you can tune results, have happier customers, and make more money with search.

  • Improve Throughput

    Faster search means less friction for your customers, which means you can monetize better.

  • Increase Revelance

    Want to know why “banana” returns “chocolate” and need help fixing it? We’ve got you covered.

  • Leverage Intelligence

    Applying ML and AI techniques to search (LTR, vector embedding, BERT, etc.)? We’ve been there—and we can help guide you.

Still getting started?

New to Elasticsearch? There’s a lot of power to unlock. Its modern JSON API, flexible schema, powerful term analysis, and query language all add up to make it the most popular open source search engine among developers. Launch a free Sandbox cluster today, and spend your time learning how to build with Elasticsearch instead of learning how operate it. As you launch and scale, we’ll be here to support and grow alongside your app.

Teams we've helped get green