4 Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Performance with Elasticsearch

What can your team do to get better performance out of Elasticsearch, while at the same time reducing costs? Hardware evolves quickly. Software is updated regularly. There are almost always new ways to optimize your search engine to improve the user experience. In this article, we’ll investigate 4 ways to improve Elasticsearch performance—and hopefully save […]

5 Principles of Search

Want to find a needle in a haystack? Just drop the haystack into a search engine, type “needle” into the query box, and click Search.  Voila: needle found. For many people, search engines operate in a sort of mystical black box. We enjoy the outcome of search engines without having the slightest idea of how […]

One Word to Help You Build a More Scalable Search Engine: Precomputation

The most efficient way to create anything complex is to begin with the first principles.  Creating a search engine is indeed a complex task. And the more significant the dataset, the more potentially complex your search experience. Fortunately, the first principles of a search engine have been known for decades—even before digital search engines like […]

Want to build a powerful search engine? Start with the user experience

Just a few years ago, user experience in design was seen as an afterthought. Digital products were designed primarily by developers who focused on function, not necessarily seamless usability. From 2000 to 2010, the number of working UX professionals increased 10X from roughly 10,000 people to 100,000. (Now the number is closer to 1 million.) […]

Slow search engine? CPU is probably your biggest bottleneck

Your website visitors don’t have much patience for slow load speeds. Most users will leave if they type something into your search engine and have to wait too long for results. Which can result in a poor user experience for site visitors and potentially losing customers for your business. This highlights a few questions: What […]

Comparison of Elasticsearch Ruby Gems

If you’ve ever wanted to supercharge your app’s search capabilities, there’s no better tool to use than Elasticsearch. Integrating Elasticsearch into a Ruby on Rails app is a fairly straightforward process once you’ve selected a framework. The framework you choose will act as an interface between your app and Elasticsearch. This choice should not be […]