Mar 26, 2013

Cluster Upgraded to Elasticsearch 0.20.6

Nick Zadronzny



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Yesterday, Elasticsearch announced the release of version 0.20.6, which includes several critical bug fixes related to Elasticsearch and Lucene. Today we have updated our clusters to this version.One of these bugs in particular (LUCENE-4870) has the potential to cause index data loss during certain circumstances, an issue which we have been affected by in the past, early on in our beta. So we are rather gratified to see it fixed for good in Lucene.

On the Road to 1.0

More updates are on the way! Elasticsearch itself draws closer and closer to its 1.0, and a critical next step toward that is its upcoming release of version 0.90. This version upgrades Lucene from the 3.x series up to the latest Lucene 4.2 series, bringing substantial performance and stability improvements to Elasticsearch.Upgrading to version 0.90 will require a full cluster stop and start. We plan to upgrade to 0.90 as soon as it is available, with a notice to our customers here, via Twitter and over email with a time frame for the scheduled downtime.All in all, we’re excited to see Elasticsearch and Lucene moving forward with steady gains in performance, reliability, and new features. Open source at work.

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