Feb 1, 2014

January Uptime: 100%




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January 2013

January brought a fresh new year, with new projects, renewed ambitions, and 100% availability from our services. Our Heroku add-on experienced a few hours of unavailability for adding and updating accounts, but that was easily corrected, and search traffic was otherwise unaffected.

Previous months

December 2013

‘Twas the month before Christmasand all through the cloudnot a service was stirringour clusters ran proud.

December was a fairly quiet, hands-off month. Technically we did experience a small blip: about five seconds of partial 503 responses during a minor system maintenance deploy. However, the issue was automatically corrected, and otherwise our service ran uninterrupted for the month.

November 2013

While our Pingdom checks report a bit differently due to a config change in our health-check endpoint, our uptime for November 2013 was 100%. During November, we performed some notable upgrades to our routing proxy layer, as well as minor release upgrades to Elasticsearch in all our clusters and regions.

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