Jul 29, 2021

Safeguarding Your Data: Our Approach is Unrelenting

Dru Sellers



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There’s nothing more crucial to the success of your business than your data, and the knowledge that your data is safe and secure. Knowing your technical partner shares the same commitment to security allows you to focus on growing your business, while we ensure the safety of your data.Bonsai safeguards data with an unrelenting, meticulous attention to detail. Security is not one and done; keeping abreast of risks and threats is an ongoing, ever-evolving process that Bonsai’s small but mighty team executes on the daily, ensuring every piece of data is encrypted and protected to the highest level.We’re nimble in the face of dynamic threats and risks, responding swiftly and skillfully to changes in the security landscape as they emerge.Let’s look at some specific areas of concern.Data in FlightData is at its most vulnerable when it’s in transit, when it’s actively moving from one location to another, whether that’s through a private network or across the internet. Bonsai understands this potential weakness and ensures your data is completely secure via the use of SSL.Firewalls and strict access control protocols protect our networks against intrusions or malware attacks. As data moves around our network, these stringent safety measures ensure the security of data.

Data at Rest

Data at rest is vulnerable, too, with some attackers considering stored data an easier target. To ensure the security of data at rest, Bonsai stores all data on encrypted hard drives, and all backup data is also stored on encrypted storage devices.

Segregating Traffic

Many Elasticsearch and Opensearch customers need to differentiate between users who can read data and those who can both read and write traffic.That’s our expertise. Using industry-standard role-based access control (RBAC), we grant and restrict cluster access based on predefined roles of individual users. RBAC grants each employee access rights to only the information they need to do their jobs and disallows them from accessing data they don’t need.

Private Clusters

Can you have a private cluster? Absolutely. We can set you up with a scalable cluster that permits no public access whatsoever — no inbound access from the public internet. For companies that need extra security, we offer a dedicated, network-isolated environment that brings all the pieces of your Elasticsearch architecture together into one managed private space that protects sensitive data and queries.Bonsai worked closely with Heroku, a leading cloud platform as a service film, to ensure private clusters were completely secure. Now, we offer this to all customers.

More on Privacy

Privacy is, of course, tethered to security, and we take privacy every bit as seriously as we do security.We recognize the importance of SOC2 certification and are committed to maintaining ongoing compliance with SOC II Type 2 standards. Monthly, third-party vulnerability scans ensure that we remain compliant at all times.We’re big supporters of Europe’s GDPR, and maintain full, ongoing compliance with these important data privacy regulations, as well. And we extend the same rights “to be forgotten” to our non-European friends.

Let us Help

Your business grows and thrives when all systems are running at optimum efficiency. Security is a crucial component of your productivity, and Bonsai’s experts take on this obligation so you can focus on core business issues.Want to learn more? Let’s discuss how we keep your crucial assets protected from threats and risks. Contact us today to find out how Bonsai can take one set of (big) worries off your shoulders.

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