May 6, 2013

Say 'Hello' to 'oh dot nine oh'

Nick Zadronzny



min read

After a smooth upgrade, all of our customers are now running on the latest and greatest Elasticsearch 0.90.0!

<pre><code>{   "ok": true,   "status": 200,   "version": {     "number": "0.90.0",     "snapshot_build": false   },   "tagline": "You Know, for Search" } </code></pre>

Elasticsearch 0.90 was released just last week, and is planned to be the last major version before an upcoming 1.0 release. Version 0.90 includes a major upgrade of the underlying Lucene full-text indexing and search library, moving from its version 3.6 to 4.2.

While this upgrade did require a full cluster restart, we were able to limit our hard downtime to about three minutes. All index primary shards were back online in less than ten minutes, with full recovery of all shards and replicas within 30.

We are already pleased to see improved system usage metrics across the board, and we trust that you are all likewise seeing the benefits of the upgrade in your applications.

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