Open Position

Lead Product Engineer

Location: Remote-first, Austin HQ available

Level: Senior or Staff, based on experience


Bonsai is hiring a Lead Product Engineer to join our team! 👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻

Knowing both what to build and how to build are difficult skills, but our Product team asks the “why” behind every problem that arises, and we think creatively about the tradeoffs that come with proposed solutions. Product engineers at Bonsai collaborate together intensely to shape and ship features for our customers and internal admin that fulfill their unique jobs. Our team seeks for and responds to feedback and research, creating incremental changes to improve the baseline rather than shoot for perfection. Over the years we’ve built reliable, profitable, and simple products, and now we’re ready to add an engineer who can bring their wealth of experience and leadership to the small team.

About Us

Bonsai is a search engine SaaS product that automates the provisioning and maintenance of thousands of clusters in cloud deployments, providing customers with dashboards, metrics, and features that help them debug and manage their search. It is developed by One More Cloud, a bootstrapped company that provides specialized hosted cloud services. Launched in 2012, Bonsai was the first hosted Elasticsearch-as-a-service on the market and remains the leader in providing world-class search solutions. In 2021, Bonsai became the first OpenSearch provider.

Primarily located in Austin, Texas, our company is small and independent. Since day one, we’ve been remote-first, self-funded, profitable, and beholden to our customers alone. Our team is composed of hard-working makers, scientists, and pragmatists who value effective work, respecting one’s self and teammates, and delivering excellence to our customers.

Current engineering team size: 5 1/2 FTEs

  • 2 product engineers
  • 3 platform engineers
  • 1 half-time engineer/Head of Product

About the Role

As the Lead Product Engineer, you’ll spend 80% of your time as an individual contributor and 20% as an engineering manager. This role leverages your experience as a developer to guide and help execute feature implementation decisions, and likewise your people experience to help grow and lead your team.

As an individual contributor, you’ll be great at Ruby, Rails, and building full-stack applications. You’ll be responsible for our project repos, identifying issues, bugs, shipping fixes, and delegating where necessary. You’ll participate in product design sessions, write code, tests, and documentation, design domain modeling, refactor old and new contributions, and improve app performance. Sometimes you’ll lead and participate in pairing and mob coding sessions, learning from your coworkers and training them in kind. You’ll participate in product discovery and research, and collaborate with other departments, constantly making sure that your efforts reflect the needs of the business.

As a leader, you’ll bring a curious and open mind, asking thoughtful questions that seek to understand the history of projects and processes. You’ll bring structure to the team, owning and hosting the practices and ceremonies to make it more cohesive and effective, like planning meetings, retrospectives, and write-ups for projects. Our team is robustly self-managed, but our product engineers will rely on you to provide big-picture feedback, identifying areas of improvement, celebrating wins, and creating opportunities for their growth as engineers and professionals. The business leaders will look to you to mentor them and make recommendations for their promotions and compensation, and communicate your collective engineering efforts to the wider company.

Why Bonsai?

We work on cool problems

Every software business inevitably has a search-related challenge they have to solve. Working on search is an interesting and difficult challenge, one that balloons in seemingly insurmountable difficulty at scale. Because of this, most teams find at certain points that they cannot tackle search deeply – they have other priorities for their resources. If you find search interesting, it’s hard to find the right place to go as deep as you would like. One More Cloud is a unique niche where you become an expert at search (and products that support it) without working at a giant corporate behemoth like Google or Microsoft.

Our customers are amazing

We build for developers – and our customers are intelligent and innovative engineers, who are working on some of the most interesting problems in the tech industry. As developers ourselves, helping them is incredibly rewarding. When you ship changes to our products, you’re not just seeing our users receive the benefit, but their customers as well.

Our code ships

Unlike larger organizations where your projects may or may not see a user at the end of the line, there is a lot to work on and a lot to ship at Bonsai. Here, you’ll be able to leave your mark.

We make search accessible

Our vision: make search better and easier – for everyone. Our search products not only “just work,” but the pricing makes it available to everyone in tech. Because of our unique architecture and history, we’re able to make highly-available search accessible to companies and organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford it. By working with Bonsai, you’re continuing to democratize open-source search for all.

We believe in a humane culture

At OMC, you will encounter passionate and hardworking folks that respect each other and treat everyone with the dignity they inherently deserve. We are a small and informal team, but when we formalize processes, we do it with the goal of making sure those processes treat the humans that are a part of them with compassion and consideration. We enjoy being good at what we do and delivering excellence, but on our team, we prioritize our lives outside of work, and respect your work and life boundaries.

Example Projects

Here are some ideas of the projects you’ll be working on in your first year at OMC

  • Build out the core state machine workflow runners for coordinating all customer infrastructure activity
  • Design and execute third party integrations
  • Model account lifestyle metrics such as expansion, contraction, and churn
  • Assist in designing and modeling a new billing system
  • Test and recommend application deployment pipeline apps, test our applications on them, and migrate
  • Join team members at Ruby and small, search-specific conferences, if that’s your jam!


Education and Experience

  • Minimum 6+ years of experience as a lead web application developer
  • Proven work experience as a Ruby on Rails developer
  • Expert in relational databases
  • BS/MS degree in computer science, engineering, or related field; 4 years of equivalent experience in lieu of a degree

Important Technical Skills

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • Postgres

Applications, tools, and other languages we use

  • GitHub, Heroku, Sentry, Sidekiq, Slack, Chargify, AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Solr, Netty, Kafka
  • Java, Dropwizard, Nix, Crystal, Go, Bash, Svelte, Typescript

Compensation and Benefits

  • $150k base
  • Annual bonus
  • 100% Remote
  • 2 annual All-Hands in Austin
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 4-day work week*
  • 401k, with company contribution
  • Insurance: Health, Dental, Vision, Life
  • Monthly Wellness Credits: massage, gym membership, therapy
  • Home office setup stipend
  • Annual continuing education stipend
  • Generous parental leave

The Fine Print

  • *Full time 40 hours per week to start, 32/hours at full pay after 90 days.
  • Must reside in the US, and available for at least 6 continuous hours in the CST timezone.
  • Must be eligible to work in the US. Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor H-1B visas at this time.

To Apply

Please send resume/CV and cover letter to