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Bonsai Security

Launch search clusters that are secure by default.

Every cluster on Bonsai is automatically secure from the moment you launch it. What goes into "security by default?"

Access controls

Provision clusters with a unique, randomized URL and HTTP Basic Authentication using a randomly generated set of credentials. Under this setup, it would take the world’s fastest supercomputer around 23.5 quadrillion years to guess.

Encrypted communications

Every Bonsai cluster supports SSL/TLS for encryption in transit. You’ll benefit from industry standard strength encryption to ensure your data is safe over the wire.

Encryption at Rest

Bonsai clusters are provisioned on hardware that is encrypted at rest by default. In addition to Amazon’s physical security controls, this means your data is safe from physical theft.

Regular snapshots

All paid Bonsai clusters receive hourly snapshots, which are stored in an offsite, encrypted S3 bucket in the same region as the cluster.

Custom firewall

All Bonsai clusters are accessed via a custom-built, high-performance layer 7 routing proxy, and sit behind a tightly controlled firewall. Clusters and data are fully protected from port scans and unauthorized persons.

Bonsai has advanced security settings for Business and Enterprise clusters. Contact our team to get a complete overview of Bonsai security.

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