Have confidence that your search will be fast, reliable, and secure with Evergreen: our promise to keep your clusters green. Any yellow and red states are on us, not you. We do this behind the scenes with our industry-leading suite of disciplined automation so your team can move high-value projects forward without the operational distractions of Elasticsearch.

Focus on search, not operations

Evergreen is unique – we’re the only provider that manages the tools for you and guarantees a green cluster state

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Without Evergreen, you're on call

Other providers give you access to use all of the tools, but you’re responsible for fixing anyting you break. Everyone else says they are a managed service, but Bonsai is the only one that actually does it — above and beyond your expectations. That’s Evergreen.

The only fully-managed search provider

With Bonsai, we use our disciplined automation to configure, manage, and operate everything for you. If something breaks or goes yellow or red, we’ll fix it for you. Evergreen guarantees uptime and availability, so you can make progress.

What's next for your search?

When you’re not managing your cluster, you can unlock higher-value projects. Tell us where you’re stuck and we’ll clear obstacles out of the way so you can make progress.


How are you able to deliver on Evergreen when your team is so small?

Our small team size demanded that we leverage our unique skill set in distrubited computing to encode our knowledge. After so long with limited human hours, we couldn’t afford to lose all of our time to Pagerduty in the middle of the night. This forced us to design more intelligent automation so we could stop fighting fires, multiply our time, and invest in our product.

What happens if you actually go down?

Incidents are extremely rare at Bonsai. However, we have SLAs in place to cover losses at each tier. To see our uptime, check out our status page.

Bonsai status page

Who is a good fit for Bonsai?

If you don’t want to manage Elasticsearch, and would rather invest your resources on higher-value projects. If you want to scale ES with confidence, and you want to maintain search continuity as developers turnover.

What are the drawbacks of Evergreen?

Because we’re opinionated about how things should be done, we don’t allow you to access all of the operational features of Elasticsearch. This makes sure that you or your teammates don’t mistakenly take down your own engine. In other words, we don’t give you the metaphorical rope to hang yourselves.

Where do you deploy Evergreen?

Evergreen is available in AWS, GCP, and Azure. We can also deploy within your cloud account with Vault.

Learn about Vault