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The evergreen cluster

Deploy a search engine that is reliable at scale.

Your users expect a fast search engine that is always up and running.

Elasticsearch is the world’s most popular search technology. Like all distributed systems, there’s a lot to set up and monitor in Elasticsearch to ensure it’s always up and running efficiently. You could spend countless hours and/ thousands of dollars training your team to manage Search Ops. Then you’d have to rely on trial and error to ensure everything was working properly.

Or, you could trust the Bonsai platform, and focus on the aspects of search that can impact your business.

Uptime SLA

Bonsai offers a detailed performance SLA to all Enterprise customers. Please contact our sales team for more details.

99.9% Standard SLA
99.99%+ Enterprise SLA

What does the Bonsai platform have to ensure that your clusters are always green?

High Availability from day one

Set up Elasticsearch best practices for your cluster with the click of a button. Every time you launch a cluster on Bonsai, you automatically three nodes across multiple AZs, giving you maximum redundancy.

Advanced traffic-shaping capabilities

Deliver better response times for your users. Every request is automatically load balanced between shards for optimal performance.

24/7/365 cluster state monitoring

Does your team employ experts on Jepsen tests or OOM resiliency? If not, trust Bonsai. The platform has countless built-in safeguards against performance issues that can affect Elasticsearch.

Config optimization

Are you still new to using shards and replicas? Bonsai auto-resolves a variety of shard states to maximize performance, and will notify you accordingly.

Java garbage collection

Many performance issues in Elasticsearch stem from poor garbage collection. Bonsai manages this complicated task for you, so you to focus on building a better search experience.

Java & ES version testing

Deploy and upgrade with confidence. Bonsai tests every version of Java and Elasticsearch to ensure they don't cause regressions, bugs, or performance issues.

Zero-downtime upgrades

Get the latest Elasticsearch features and security patches. Bonsai's simple upgrade process is fast and supports blue-green deployments.

Experts on-call 24/7/365

Our staff of Elasticsearch experts is always on call should issues arise. No matter what happens, we take the page, not you.