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Introducing Bonsai Vaults

Your own secure Bonsai space, fully managed by Elasticsearch experts.

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Deploy Bonsai directly on AWS

Deploy production-ready Elasticsearch clusters in a secure environment within your AWS Organization. Bonsai will handle all of the security, maintenance, reliability, and scaling.

Leave your clusters in the care of experts

Bonsai was the first company to manage search engines, even before Elasticsearch existed. Search is our core competency. Instead of requiring an in-house search ops expert, your clusters will be fully managed by search ops professionals with years of Elasticsearch experience.

Save money by using reserved instances

Leverage the cost benefits of scale. Your team can pay AWS directly for your cluster costs while getting a fully managed service. Our team can make recommendations on what instance types to purchase if you need any help.

Get specialized support for search

Bonsai offers search expertise at an optimal price point. You’ll be able to ask questions about Elasticsearch in your own private Slack channel. Whether you’re having an issue, need help updating your index, or just have a question about new features in the latest version of Elasticsearch, you can rely on our team.

Connect securely to your AWS apps

Bonsai Vaults peer directly with VPCs within your AWS Organization. Not only are your clusters completely secured from day one, they are also hidden from the public internet. VPC peering can also help meet advanced compliance requirements.

Deploy Vaulted Kibana

Secure Kibana along with your cluster. Other providers may offer VPC peering for your cluster, but not for your Kibana instance. Vault ensures that only members of your team can access Kibana via VPN.

Leverage your AWS credits

Host Elasticsearch with AWS credits, while also getting better management and support. It’s a win/win.

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  • Do you have an SLA?
    Yes. Bonsai offers a 99.99% SLA for all Enterprise customers, and can accommodate custom terms. We also offer additional Support SLAs. Contact our team for details.
  • Does Bonsai offer consulting services?
    Yes. Our team of search experts will be available to your team in a private Slack Channel. We'll also hop on calls with your staff to offer one-on-one consultations.
  • Can you help migrate our cluster?
    Yes. All Enterprise Plans come with onboarding for both your cluster and your team.