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Bonsai for Heroku Private Spaces

The most secure way to deploy search engines for your Heroku apps.

Deploy fully managed search clusters in your own Heroku Private Space.

While all managed search providers spend considerable time and energy securing your clusters, your search engine is still accessible via the public internet. This makes it open to hacking attempts, particularly if a team member doesn’t have proper security and encryption protocols in place. Various security mistakes have caused several large Elasticsearch breaches that have resulted in the compromisation of millions of documents.

Many enterprises choose to deploy Elasticsearch within their own Virtual Private Clouds to protect from these breaches. In today’s real-time world though, search engines are becoming increasingly hard to manage. Managing a search engine requires extensive knowledge not only of basic DevOps, but of complex distributed computing.

Your organization should be focused on your search engine’s accuracy and relevance — not the management of its servers. Bonsai for Heroku Private Spaces gives your organization the security of a Virtual Private Cloud, with the convenience of Bonsai. You’ll be able to instantly secure your search index, customers’ search history, and any metrics associated with your search.

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Focus on building a highly relevant search experience that is secured at all times. Find out more about how your team can deploy fully managed search engines within your own Private Spaces.

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