Common Questions

  • How to join Bonsai's Slack channel for Heroku Sales

    Send an email to with the subject line “Heroku Slack” and our Slack Admin will promptly add you to our dedicated channel for Heroku Sales.

    From there you should receive an email inviting you into our Slack workspace, where you can create a new Slack account and join our #heroku-sales Slack channel.

    Do you know your Slack Admin?

    We would be more than happy to setup a “Shared Channel” in Slack that would allow you to jump into a Slack channel right from your Heroku Workspace, but need to know your Slack URL and the email address of a Slack admin at Heroku.

  • Good rule of thumb:

    If there is a search box in the app, your customers will need a search engine.

  • Why should my customers choose Bonsai as their Elasticsearch provider?

    Customers choose Heroku so they can launch and iterate their apps quickly, and scale on demand. Bonsai is the simplest solution for implementing powerful search capabilities into their apps. We’ve built our product to accommodate the needs of your customers.

    Bonsai is:

    1. The easiest Elasticsearch provider to get up and running. A production-grade cluster takes just minutes to deploy. Your customers will have much less to worry about rsecurity, performance, and scalability.
    2. Reliable and performant. We post 100 percent uptime almost every month. Every cluster deployed on Bonsai offers High Availability by default, which is unique to our platform.
    3. Supported by Search Experts. Unlike other companies, our support reps don’t have to read from scripts. Every ticket is answered by a developer who has deep knowledge and familiarity with Elasticsearch. We’ll do our best to ensure your customers’ success.