Hosting, Security, Compliance, and Uptime

  • Is Bonsai hosted on AWS?

    Yes, it is.

  • Does Bonsai run in same regions as the Heroku Common Runtime?

    Yes, in the US and in Europe.

  • Is Bonsai GDPR compliant?

    Yes, and we can sign agreements if required.

  • Do you offer HIPAA compliant options?

    Bonsai is not HIPAA compliant by default, but our Enterprise Clusters can certainly be set up to be.

  • Can my international customers choose to host data outside of the U.S.?

    Yes. Bonsai customers can host all of their data in the EU, South America, or APAC.

  • Is Bonsai available and/or installable in Heroku Private Spaces?

    Standard and Business plans are available to all Private Spaces regions. Enterprise plans are installable in Private Spaces.

  • Can customers deploy to multiple regions?

    Yes, Bonsai supports nine different AWS regions across the Americas, APAC, and Europe.

  • I’ve heard Elasticsearch can have security issues. How does Bonsai protect my customers for data breaches?

    AWS’s Elasticsearch service came under scrutiny after thousands of its Elasticsearch clusters were breached. These situations are entirely preventable, but often come because a customer is not familiar with securing it. The Bonsai platform protects customers from security breaches at multiple levels, by default, since day one. Your customers will not have to be familiar with best practices for each release. Read a detailed description of our security measures at our blog.

  • Does Bonsai have an uptime SLA?

    Free clusters have no SLA. Standard clusters have 99.9% Business and Enterprise clusters guarantee 99.99% uptime. Further SLAs are available upon request.