Plans and Pricing

  • Why can Elasticsearch cost more than Heroku in some circumstances?

    Search engines generally ingest, store, and search considerable amounts of data, often in real time. This can take a lot of disk space and compute. Production search engines also require redundancy across multiple servers, which also adds cost. Each Bonsai cluster is replicated across two other nodes to ensure our customers’ search engines are up and running at all times.

    Bonsai has the most affordable managed high availability plans in the industry. Your customers can set up a production search engine starting at $50 a month.

  • What kind of plans does Bonsai offer?

    Bonsai offers four tiers:

    • Hobby: for hobby apps or projects that are just getting started. This includes free clusters, as well as clusters that are on our $10 plan.
    • Standard: This tier is ideal for newer startups. It includes all features required to run Elasticsearch in production, as well as email support during business hours.
    • Business: If an organization relies on Bonsai to support thousands of search users, they should choose a Business plan. They will have a lot more flexibility in their cluster configuration. This tier also comes with support seven days a week and access to an Account Manager on our team. Many larger startups, agencies, and enterprises who do not have compliance requirements choose this plan.
    • Enterprise: Customers with advanced compliance, performance, or support needs should choose an Enterprise plan. All clusters on this tier will be on dedicated servers that are monitored 24/7/365 by our team. These customers receive personalized onboarding and priority support from our Search Experts. They can also ask our team questions in their own private Slack channel.

    If you have any questions about what plan would work best for your customers, do not hesitate to contact us at

  • How do I price a Bonsai search engine for my customer?

    Many factors go into the price of an Elasticsearch cluster, including storage, performance, security, SLAs, and support. View our pricing page. If you are in doubt, contact us via our Slack Channel, or via email at