• Can the team at Bonsai help my customer with their search engine’s architecture?

    Yes, our team can help. All Business and Enterprise customers will get architectural guidance from our team, as well as technical onboarding. We will also answer basic questions for any Bonsai user.

    If you have any questions about your customers’ search clusters, please reach out at

  • What does Bonsai’s Support SLA look like?

    There are varying levels of support on Bonsai. Enterprise customers will be able to communicate with our Search Experts via phone as well as a private Slack Channel. Please contact us at for a detailed description of our support SLAs within each tier.

  • I’m a Technical Consultant here at Heroku. Can I ask questions about Elasticsearch to the Bonsai team?

    Yes. Contact us at, and we will add you to a private Heroku/Bonsai Slack channel. We can also continue to communicate via email, or via phone if required. Just let us know what works for you.