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How Bonsai maintains your cluster

Bonsai works around the clock to ensure your clusters are healthy and running at peak performance.

Hourly Backups

With Bonsai, hourly backups come standard with every production grade cluster. No worries about scheduling, no late-night ponderings about disaster recovery. Your backups are safely stored in multiple availability zones for maximum redundancy.

Proactively Monitor Cluster State

Bonsai monitors the health of your cluster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If it ever changes from a “green” state, our systems will automatically respond and remediate the issue.

Provision for Growth

At Bonsai, we know that not everything is predictable. Growth is baked into our platform. Elasticsearch wants to double your usage to perform some house cleaning? No problem. You get a sudden influx of customer records because you just got a big celebrity endorsement? No worries. As outlined by Elasticsearch best practices, Bonsai provisions storage buffer into each cluster. After years of hosting search engines, our architecture is optimized for efficiency, allowing you to scale more efficiently when you need.

Traffic Shaping

Bonsai utilizes a traffic shaping proxy that provides a much needed circuit breaker to Elasticsearch. Did a crawler or bot hit your site? Did a rogue bug get shipped in your application? No worries, we can throttle those writes at our QoS Proxy and help keep your your application up and running.

Server monitoring and maintenance

Our staff is on call 24/7/365 for any and all server issues. Bonsai will monitor systems for patches, vulnerabilities, upgrades and general maintenance. Did someone just post the next Heartbleed? We are on it. With Bonsai, we take care of the routine maintenance and security of your cluster, so you can focus on your app.

Elasticsearch Expertise at Your Fingertips

Getting started with Elasticsearch is a snap, but running it at scale can be tricky. And it’s being developed so quickly that much of the blogs and StackOverflow answers are outdated by the time you find them. That’s why Bonsai offers customer support led by a team of engineers who have been working with search engines for over ten years. Have a question? Skip the morass of outdated and questionable advice, and hear straight from the experts.

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