Deployed in your AWS or GCP account to your highest standards

Bonsai Vault is the only fully-managed Elasticsearch platform that you can install in your cloud account today. And it’s backed by the best team in the business.

If you need the best possible partner

Bonsai has partnered with dozens of Enterprises which rely on search to power their businesses. Our team helps them make Elasticsearch more reliable and efficient.

Years of deep expertise

We created one of the first cloud search extensions and we continue to innovate. We operate thousands of instances and have the experience to level you up.

More than technical partners

Need to run custom plugins? Run your cluster in a custom configuration? Need to run a specific version of ES? We can help.

If you want to actually understand your Search Bill

We work with you to understand the best instances to deploy on and help you take advantage of preferential billing and Reserved Instances. You pay us to run search; you pay Amazon to run the computers. It’s that simple.

Fixed management costs

We’re here to help you run the best search infrastructure possible—not to make more money when you run bigger clusters.

Better cost control

Speaking of running bigger clusters, we usually help our customers shrink theirs. Run more efficiently on less hardware and cut your search spend.

If you require isolation and compliance

Vault installs directly in your infrastructure and can meet any compliance standards, no matter how rigorous.

The full Bonsai Platform

Run Bonsai in your AWS account. From backups to resilience and security and everything you’ve come to expect from Bonsai.

Network level isolation

We can meet your compliance standards for your search cluster because we run in your infrastructure and require no external services. Your compliance team will smile.

Not sure which plan is right?

No problem, schedule a free consultation, and we’ll help.