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Build exceptional search experiences

Bonsai is here to help.

Deploy with confidence

Your cluster can be ready for production on day one.

Launch HA clusters in seconds

It’s like magic. From the moment you launch your first free cluster, all of your data is replicated in multiple data centers for reliability and reduced latency.

Secure your records at all times

A single security breach could devastate your company. Every Bonsai cluster is secure by default, and can meet advanced compliance standards if needed.

Never worry about maintenance

Relax. Our team takes care of all of the OS updates, patch versions, potential node failure, and autoscaling groups. We even make version upgrades a cinch.

Scale with ease

Run a production-grade cluster for just $20 a month. As your Elasticsearch clusters grow in size or complexity, you can easily upgrade to a new plan.

Trust the platform

Leverage a platform that has run search engines for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike since 2012.

Choose a reliable provider

Since 2012, the Bonsai platform has handled billions of requests for mission critical apps. Our team takes proactive measures to ensure you're up and running at all times.

Deploy a search engine for less

Bonsai has a more efficient architecture than most providers. Our shared plans offer High Availability AND more memory than any other Elasticsearch platform.

Just say no to vendor lock-in

Bonsai’s platform makes it easy to set up and manage all the open source tools around Elasticsearch. You can leave at any time if your requirements change.

Access in-depth cluster metrics

Never be in the dark about your search performance. Your Bonsai account comes standard with all the key metrics you’ll need to know.

Get prompt and proactive support

From the moment you launch your first cluster, our team of developers is behind you 24/7/265.

Get answers to your tickets in hours, not days

Solve potential issues in a reasonable time, without having to sign an expensive support contract. Even if you’re just onboarding, we are here to help you.

If issues arise, we take the page, not you

Make your technical staff happy by freeing them up to focus on what they do best. Our team is always on call in case any issues arise with your clusters.

Search your indices, not countless forum threads

Combing through community posts that may or may not pertain to your issue can be frustrating. Our team will actually look at your clusters and diagnose specific problems.

Put developer productivity front and center

Our platform embraces simplicity. Take fewer steps to set up basic requirements for Elasticsearch. Then focus on building an exceptional search experience for your users.

Deploy a production-grade search engine in minutes

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