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A world where you always find what you’re searching for.

Our mission is to empower businesses through meaningful, scalable search experiences.

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How we started

Bonsai was developed by One More Cloud, a bootstrapped software firm that provides specialized hosted cloud services. Launched in 2012, Bonsai was the first hosted Elasticsearch-as-a-service on the market and remains the leader in providing world-class search solutions and in 2021, Bonsai became the first OpenSearch provider.

Based in Austin, Texas, our company is small and independent. Since day one, we’ve been self-funded, profitable, and beholden to our customers alone. We are driven to provide world-class experiences for developers and businesses.

The first prominent open-source search library, Apache Lucene, becomes a top-level Apache project. Modern search is born.


The OMC team launches Websolr, a hosted version of Solr. It is the first hosted version of Solr on the market. Champagne toasts ensue.


Shay Banon releases Elasticsearch, a modern distributed search engine based on Lucene.


The OMC team launches the first hosted Elasticsearch service in the world. More champagne toasts ensue. 

Bonsai launches the first Heroku Elasticsearch add-on and supports search for engineering teams at Harvard, Pinterest, Salesforce, Indeed.com, and more.


Bonsai adds enterprise-grade integrations, security, and support for Elasticsearch.


Fully automated deployments with customer cloud environments.

First cloud provider to support managed OpenSearch.
16,000+ active clusters on the Bonsai platform.

What we do

Together, this small but mighty team leverages our unique skill set in distributed computing to offer unparalleled search. From large tech companies and ecommerce brands to libraries and nonprofits engaging with their communities — our goal is to ensure that organizations at any scale, and their users, find what they are searching for.

The team

Our entire team, starting with the founders, includes developers, engineers, scientists, and designers. We love everything about search — and we care about making sure you and your users achieve the best search imaginable.  

Alli Zadrozny

Product Engineer
Austin, TX

Brian Pedersen

Chief Revenue Officer
San Diego, CA

Christine Oen

Product Engineer
Austin, TX

Emily McLenachen

Account Manager
Gilbert, AZ

Leo Schuster

Support Engineer
Austin, TX

Lisa Watts

Operations Manager
Austin, TX

Buddy Fichera

Chief of Staff
Austin, TX

Nick Zadrozny

Founder & CEO
Austin, TX

Rob Sears

Platform Engineer
Omaha, NE

Sam Oen

Platform Engineer
Perth, AUS

Matt Gross

Solutions Architect
Lexington, KY

Joel Martens

Account Executive
Chicago, IL

Elyse Munselle

VP of Operations
Austin, TX

Corey Haines

Head of Marketing
San Diego, CA

Kendall Beckelhymer

Account Manager
San Diego, CA


“No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. We’ve been able to avoid hiring that expertise in-house because of the support that we’re getting with Bonsai.”

— Nathan Sprout, Head of Product, ActionSprout

Open Invitation

We’re always looking for amazing talent even if we don’t have the perfect position open. If you want to be a part of our team, send your resume to info@bonsai.io. 

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