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Meet Our Team

small yet mighty, we're always here to help.

Nick Zadrozny

Founder & CEO
Austin, TX

Dan Simpson

San Diego, CA

Rob Sears

Support & Platform Engineering
Omaha, NE

Brian Pedersen

Client Services
Cape Town, South Africa

Allison Zadrozny

Designer & Front-End Engineering
Austin, TX

Christine Oen

Product & Support Engineering
Austin, TX

Dru Sellers

Austin, TX

Melissa Allison

Business & People Ops
Austin, TX

Michelle Greer

Austin, TX

Leo Shue Schuster

Customer Success Engineer
Austin, TX

Maddie Jones

Customer Success Engineer
Boulder, CO

The experts in hosted search

Everytime you spin up an Elasticsearch cluster, you’re launching a technology capable of indexing billions of rows in a fraction of a second. The underlying technologies behind it all are the Elasticsearch API and Apache Lucene, a free and open-source information retrieval software library, originally written completely in Java.

When you choose Bonsai, you’re not just dealing with people who understand the Elasticsearch API. The Bonsai team has been hosting Lucene-based search engines since 2009. Over the course of a decade, our team has built an easy, efficient way to manage and scale your search engines. Because your app’s search should “just work”, without requiring countless hours of configuration from your team.

The One More Cloud Team

A History of Bonsai

Bonsai has deep roots in hosted and scalable search.

February 2005

The first prominent open source search library, Apache Lucene, becomes a top-level Apache project. Modern search is born.

September 2008

The Apache Foundation releases the first version of Apache Solr, a search engine built on top of Lucene.

August 2009

The Bonsai team launches Websolr, a hosted version of Solr. It is the first hosted version of Solr on the market. Champagne toasts ensue. 🍾🎉

February 2010

Shay Banon releases Elasticsearch, a modern distributed search engine based on Lucene.

October 2012

The Bonsai team launches the first hosted Elasticsearch service in the world. More champagne toasts ensue. 🍾🎉🍾🎉


Bonsai launches the first Heroku Elasticsearch Add-On and supports search for engineering teams at Harvard, Shopify, Salesforce, TrunkClub, and more.


Bonsai adds enterprise-grade integrations and support for Elasticsearch.


16,000+ active clusters on the Bonsai platform.

“We don't have dedicated in-house expertise for Elasticsearch, and the reason we've been able to avoid hiring that expertise is because of the support that we're getting with Bonsai. It's fantastic for us to be able to tap into that knowledge and get advice from them. No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. ”

— Nathan Sprout, Head of Product, Action Sprout

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