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Introducing: A search & relevancy assessment from engineers, not theorists. Learn more

A search & relevancy assessment from engineers, not theorists

We help you turn theory into practice with search relevancy. Through helping thousands of customers over the last 13 years, we’ve developed a proprietary model to provide actionable advice tailored for your company.

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Expert engineering support

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What are the highest leverage ways to improve search?

You want to improve search, but where do you start? Infrastructure costs out of control? What are all the factors you should consider? With limited expertise and resources, what should be on your short list? Given your goals, how should you prioritize improvements?

Our assessment helps you answer those burning questions quickly and efficiently—then we’ll help you implement the solutions.

3 criteria assessments

What will you walk away with?

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A detailed framework for working on search.

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A graded assessment of your search with a roadmap for improvements.

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Specific recommendations, prioritization, and resources based on your goals.

What we’ll need from you

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What are your users trying to accomplish?

Help us understand who your users are, how they behave, and their search patterns.

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What are the top goals for your business?

Tell us how search fits into your product strategy and which metrics you’re trying to improve.

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What resources do you have at your disposal?

We’ll tailor our assessment based on how much time, expertise, and horsepower you have to work with.

We’ll guide you every step of the way

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Step one

Pre-call checklist

We’ll gather essential information before our first call, so you can get input from the right members of your team.

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Step two

90-minute discovery call

This is the time to dig into the details, share screens, and gather all the information we’ll need to complete our assessment.

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Step three

Follow up questions

While everything is analyzed and compiled, we’ll likely have at least a few clarifying questions.

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Step Four

Live assessment review

Finally, we’ll review all our analysis and recommendations on a call with your team to discuss.

Get a holistic understanding of your search implementation

We’re pragmatists. We’ll give you insight into where you’re at today, critical areas of risk, and opportunities for high-leverage improvements. Expect a recommendation for optimized cluster composition to reduce costs, increase speed, and improve stability. Your team will be mobilized with a roadmap to drastically improve search relevancy and de-risk against pending threats.

Bonsai — Scaling search engines since 2009

Bonsai was developed by One More Cloud, a bootstrapped software firm that provides managed search with the support of a full search engineering team. Websolr was the first hosted Solr provider launched in 2009. Then in 2012, Bonsai was the first hosted Elasticsearch-as-a-service on the market and remains the leader in providing world-class search solutions. In 2021, Bonsai became the first hosted OpenSearch provider.

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Our product team

Alli Zadrozny

Alli Zadrozny

Product Engineer

Austin, TX

Christine Oen

Christine Oen

Product Engineer

Austin, TX

Matt Gross

Matt Gross

Solutions Architect

Lexington, KY

Nick Zadrozny

Nick Zadrozny

Founder & CEO

Austin, TX

Rob Sears

Rob Sears

Platform Engineer

Omaha, NE

“We switched to Bonsai as our ES vendor...and have not had one moment of regret or issue with your excellent service. Both the technical platform and your support team have been a delight to work with. We are very happy customers.”

— Jason Taylor, TextUs

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“We got more value from a discovery call with Bonsai than we did with a paid consultation with Elastic.”

— Engineer, Under Armour

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“No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. We’ve been able to avoid hiring that expertise in-house because of the support that we’re getting with Bonsai.”

— Nathan Sprout, Head of Product

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Ready to learn more about the assessment?

Find out if Bonsai is a good fit for you in just 15 minutes.

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Learn how much time and effort it will take for your team to collaborate with us

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Receive an estimate of the price to complete the assessment

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Get all the information you need to decide to move forward given your business priorities and resources

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