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Careers at Bonsai

The Bonsai team has been hosting Lucene-based search engines since 2009 for teams like GitHub, OfferUp, and Oxfam. Help us build world-class search experiences.

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Open Invitation

We’re always looking for amazing talent, even if we don’t have the perfect position open. If  you want to be a part of our team, send your resume to info@bonsai.io.


We are a small team that values the individual strengths that each team member brings. Always on the look out for a better way to do something, we are constantly open to trying new things and looking to learn from our experiences.

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“No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. We’ve been able to avoid hiring that expertise in-house because of the support that we’re getting with Bonsai.”

— Nathan Sprout, Head of Product

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401k Matching

Bonsai participates in a 401k matching program. Taking care of our employee’s future is just as important as taking care of their today.

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Health Insurance

We provide health insurance, a requirement in the United States.

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Wellness Package

We look forward to you bringing your whole self to our team. To that end we provide support for both your physical well-being and your mental well-being.

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While we expect many employees will learn a great deal by just joining the team, we know that supporting your professional growth is in our own best interests. We put our money where our mouth is.

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Work/Life Balance

From a 4-day work week to recognizing that work is not your number one priority, Bonsai allows for team members to thrive.

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Remote Work

We are a big believer in remote work and have been since day one. While we are headquartered in Austin, TX, half of the team lives elsewhere.

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Open Positions

One More Cloud, Inc. (OMC) is an expert technology firm specializing in crafted search solutions for communities and businesses across the world. Our core product is Bonsai, the world’s most reliable managed Elasticsearch platform designed to help teams deliver amazing search experiences for their users.

Sorry, we don’t have any job openings right now.

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