Customize & Scale Your Search to New Heights

Whether you want to give your developers their time back or you need custom search solutions, we’re here to provide you and your customers results.


Get access to Bonsai’s unparalleled search expertise through monthly meetings, a dedicated Slack channel for on-demand support, and a team of pros who are always wearing the pager. We will listen, diagnose, then solve any problems you are facing while optimizing and enhancing your users’ search experience.


Seeking isolation and compliance? Bonsai has you covered with our Vault service — We work with you to determine the best instances to deploy and help you take advantage of preferential billing and reserved instances – delivering substantial cost savings.


We’re the only search provider that guarantees a green cluster state.

We do this behind the scenes with our industry-leading suite of disciplined automation, enabling your team to focus on business objectives without the operational distractions.

Bonsai is truly a fully managed search provider. We’re designed to be simpler with no interruptions — that’s the Evergreen promise.

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