Managed OpenSearch, Elasticsearch, and SolrCloud

For mission-critical workloads

With top engineers and battle-tested solutions, we scale with businesses to build revolutionary search experiences to optimize relevancy, revenue, and ROI.

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Constant up-time

Always green at any scale

Never deal with a yellow or red state again, because we fix it for you. Enjoy constant up-time on the industry’s most reliable search platform. Bonsai helps you scale with confidence and iterate with ease.

Secured. Encrypted. Compliant.

Search highly sensitive data without compromising security or performance. Bonsai partners with Titaniam to provide the industry’s most sophisticated encryption-at-work capabilities. And with Bonsai Vault, our fully-managed Elasticsearch platform, you can meet the most rigorous compliance standards while making Elasticsearch more reliable and efficient.

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Instant access to our team

Think beyond stability and performance, create measurable business value from search. Our top-level engineers are with you every step of the way.

Live sessions with the experts

With playbooks and best practices tailored to your specific use cases and goals, our advisory solutions equip you to create value from search. You benefit from the lessons we’ve learned from managing hundreds of thousands of clusters for companies across all industries. Our advisory solutions are included at no extra cost with your Enterprise subscription.

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Predictable pricing

With Bonsai, you get predictable pricing thanks to a flat monthly management fee. There are no implementation fees, and infrastructure costs are handled directly with your cloud provider.