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Bonsai for Enterprise

Fast, flexible, and fully managed by the experts in hosted search.

Discover why enterprise teams around the world trust Bonsai.


Ensure your team's clusters are always green.

Your cluster status should always be green, indicating a healthy cluster. The Bonsai platform safeguards against Elasticsearch performance issues that can overwhelm most development teams.

Bonsai for Enterprise's uptime SLAs are 99.99% and up. Here's a checklist of everything our team does to keep your clusters up and running »

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Launch search clusters that are secure by default.

Unique, Randomized URL
TLS/SSL Encryption
Advanced Firewall
IP and Network CIDR Whitelisting
Encrypted, Offsite Backups
Encryption at Rest

The Bonsai platform handles 700 million search requests every single day.


Deploy, test, and scale in much less time.

Launch search faster.

Don't delay product and feature launches because of your search engine. Get up and running in hours, not weeks. Test new configurations in minutes.

Leverage best practices.

Speed is a competitive advantage. Bonsai's production-ready clusters allow your team to focus on business problems, not servers.


Bonsai is a trusted search partner for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

Ask us anything

Ask Elasticsearch experts any search-related question in your very own Slack Channel. Our team will be available when you need us.

Trust experts

Our team monitors Enterprise clusters 24/7/365 for potential issues. You'll even get notified if there's a quick fix on your end.

Schedule one-on-ones

Get in-depth consultations with high-ranking members of our Product team. We'll walk through how you could be getting more value out of search.

Get help quickly

Not every solution in Elasticsearch is easy. You can count on us to help when you have issues with concepts like instance types, scaling, or reindexing.


Use the tools and features your team needs the most.

Connect with AWS or Heroku

Many teams use a combination of AWS and Heroku. Bonsai is the only Elasticsearch provider that offers completely secure hosting on both platforms.

Experiment more with search

Test a variety of Elasticsearch features, instance types, or configurations. Simply launch a new cluster straight from the Bonsai Dashboard.

Customize your configuration

Enterprise plans allow you to use a variety of custom scripts and plugins, and also integrate with third party tools like Datadog.

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  • Do you have an SLA?
    Yes. Bonsai offers a 99.99% SLA for all Enterprise customers, and can accommodate custom terms. We also offer additional Support SLAs. Contact our team for details.
  • Does Bonsai offer consulting services?
    Yes. Our team of search experts will be available to your team in a private Slack Channel. We'll also hop on calls with your staff to offer one-on-one consultations.
  • Can you help migrate our cluster?
    Yes. All Enterprise Plans come with onboarding for both your cluster and your team.

“We don't have dedicated in-house expertise for Elasticsearch, and the reason we've been able to avoid hiring that expertise is because of the support that we're getting with Bonsai. It's fantastic for us to be able to tap into that knowledge and get advice from them. No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. ”

— Nathan Sprout, Head of Product, Action Sprout
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