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Updates from the Bonsai Elasticsearch team, from One More Cloud: the first and best cloud search platform, since 2009.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Whether you’re a small team of two or part of a large organization, there’s a good chance you will need to delegate responsibilities of managing your cluster at some point. Even if you just want to include someone else on email communication, or if you want to stop our emails going out to everyone on the group email you signed up with (gasp!), we can help.

##Heroku Contacts For our Heroku add-on users, we built Heroku Contacts. Being a contact means that you will receive notifications from us about your cluster usage, and overage warnings if you’re going over your plan limits. You can manage your contacts in the Bonsai Dashboard, which you can access through Heroku, or by typing this in your terminal:

heroku addons:open bonsai -a <your-app-name-here> 

###Contacts page in the Bonsai Dashboard:

Your Heroku app owner email is automatically set up as a contact, as well as the email address of anyone who SSO’s into the dashboard. If your Heroku owner email is a group email, you will likely want to remove it as a contact and replace it with another email address so we don’t spam your whole company!

##Cluster Collaborators For our direct sign-up users, we built Cluster Collaborators. A collaborator is able to login to the Bonsai Dashboard with their own user account, which means no more sharing passwords! To add a collaborator, click on the Collaborators tab from your Bonsai Dashboard.

###Collaborators page in the Bonsai Dashboard:

You have the option of adding either a regular collaborator or an administrator. A collaborator will receive notifications from us about the cluster, be able to view API credentials, and view other collaborators. An administrator has the additional ability to regenerate credentials, add and remove other collaborators, update the cluster plan, and deprovision the cluster.

Once you invite a collaborator, they will be emailed a link to sign up as a user for Bonsai, where they can choose to accept or decline your invitation.

After clicking ‘Accept’, they will be able to see the cluster on their cluster dashboard. A cluster that you are a collaborator on is shown with a collaborator symbol in the upper right hand corner.

##Go Forth, and Collaborate! We loved building these tools, and we hope you enjoy using them! If you have any suggestions for improvements or you have a business need for something else, hit us up at or you can ping us on Twitter @bonsaisearch.

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