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Unparalleled Collaboration with Search Engineers

Nimble and flexible, we’re here to support your company as you grow and evolve. Our experts have decades of experience – we manage your search while listening, advising, and delivering immediate solutions as your business evolves.

Real-time access

We meet with you on a monthly basis and provide a continually monitored, dedicated Slack channel for fast responses and solutions.

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Nonstop optimization

It’s not about sending support tickets with Bonsai – our team is constantly monitoring, optimizing, and enhancing your search experience, solving problems before you know they exist.

Custom solutions to singular situations

Your setup is unlike any other. You need flexibility — plugins, clusters, specific versions of search – unlike any other. Let’s discuss your goals and priorities and map out a plan for reaching them together.

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Still getting started?

New to Elasticsearch? There’s a lot of power to unlock. Launch a free Sandbox cluster today, and spend your time learning how to build with Elasticsearch, instead of learning how to operate it. As you launch and scale, we’ll be here to support and grow alongside your app.

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“No one knows Elasticsearch better than Bonsai. We've been able to avoid hiring that expertise in-house because of the support that we're getting with Bonsai.”

—Nathan Sprout, Head of Product, ActionSprout

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