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Sep 23, 2019

Collaborate on search at a more rapid pace with Search Clips




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If you’ve ever tweaked Elasticsearch queries to improve search performance or relevance, you’ve likely noticed that Elasticsearch queries can be very long. They can take a considerable amount of time to create, debug, and optimize. There’s also no easy way to collaborate on search queries. That’s why we created our latest feature, Search Clips.Search Clips allow you to query any of your clusters and view readable, real-time responses. Team members within your Bonsai account can view and edit your Search Clips which makes collaborating on search queries easy. Search Clips can also be exported to JSON or CSV to be shared with external parties or imported into third party systems such as Geckboard, Google Sheets, or custom tools.What’s now available in Search ClipsRight now, you might use curl or the Kibana Console to test queries. Kibana doesn’t offer anything that actually saves your query, making iteration and collaboration pretty messy. Search Clips focus on a single query and its response, allowing you to iterate on a query until you see the expected results in the Response View.

Helpful features of Search Clips include:

  1. Structured Semantic Completion. Our knowledge of Elasticsearch query structure and the fields present in your data enable auto completion with that information, making query building easier.
  2. Results will be automatically refreshed as you type if it recognizes a valid query.
  3. Search the whole cluster or specify individual indices to run the query against.
  4. Search Clips are read-only, so you can be sure that the data in your cluster will not be modified while working on a Clip.
  5. Response View has tabs for Hits, Aggregations, Metadata, and Raw JSON for easy viewing of data in different ways.
  6. Create a Clip and share it with your co-workers instead of copying and pasting queries. Your colleague can see exactly what you see.

Collaborate across teams within your company

Bonsai wants you to be able to use the best tools for the task at hand. Like our Metrics Dashboard, data from Search Clips can be exported into third party services. Now any team in your company can view your search results in tools like Geckoboard or Google Sheets.

Try it out today

Search Clips are available on all Bonsai plans. Try it on your own. If you have feedback, let us know at product(at)bonsai.io.

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