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Apr 4, 2016

Introducing: Live Streaming Logs




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You can find the logs for your cluster under the Logs tab in your cluster dashboard. Once you click on the tab, logs will populate in real time as requests are made to your cluster.

Each row in the table is one request made to your cluster. You will see the timestamp of the request, the type of request [GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE], the URL of the request, the time in milliseconds it took for the request to complete, and the status.

Color Indicators

The time in milliseconds and status have color indicators that let you know how long it took for the request to complete, and if it was successful.

The top 20 slow requests are shown on a separate tab within the Logs menu, and shows requests that take longer than 200ms. Any yellow or red requests will appear on this tab.

This feature is still in beta, so we would appreciate any feedback you have. Hit us up at support@bonsai.io or you can ping us on Twitter @bonsaisearch.

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