API Error 403: Forbidden

Generally, it communicates that the server understood the request, but is refusing to authorize it.
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July 7, 2023

An HTTP 403: Forbidden error can occur for one of several reasons. Generally, it communicates that the server understood the request, but is refusing to authorize it. This is distinct from an authentication error ( HTTP 401), in that the authentication credentials are correct, but there is some other reason the request is not authorized.

Some examples of situations where a user might see an HTTP 403: Forbidden response from the API:

  • We have detected activity on your account that appears fraudulent or highly suspicious, and have blocked access to the API until further notice.
  • We have identified a Terms of Service violation and are blocking access until it is resolved.
  • The API may be down for maintenance.


A call to the API which results in an HTTP 403: Forbidden response may look something like this:

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<pre><code fs-codehighlight-element="code" fs-copyclip-element="copy-this-2" class="hljs language-javascript">{  "errors": [    "Your API access has been suspended due to a Terms of Service violation. Please contact"  ],  "status": 403}</code></pre>

The <span class="inline-code"><pre><code>"status": 403</code></pre></span> key indicates that the error is indeed an HTTP 403: Forbidden error.


The first step for troubleshooting the error is to examine the error messages in detail. If there is a problem that merits contacting support, then you will want to reach out to us for further discussion. Also check your email inbox and spam folders for anything that we may have already sent.

If the error indicates a temporary interruption, such as maintenance mode, then check out our Twitter account for updates, or shoot us an email.

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