What is Console and what should you be aware of when using it?
Last updated
July 7, 2023

The Console is a web-based UI for interacting with your cluster. Think of it like a user-friendly version of curl. If you want to try out some queries or experiment with the Elasticsearch API, this is a great place to start:

The UI allows the user to select an HTTP verb, enter an endpoint and run the command. The results are shown in the navy console on the right. The box below the verb and endpoint boxes can be used to create a request body.


Some places in the Elasticsearch documentation suggest using a GET request even when passing a request body. An example would be something like:

<div class="code-snippet w-richtext"><pre><code fs-codehighlight-element="code" class="hljs language-javascript">GET /_search
 "query" : {
   "term" : {
     "user" : "george"

Without getting bogged down in pedantry, GET is a questionable verb to use in this case. A POST is more appropriate. It’s what the UI is assuming anyway. If you paste in a request body and use a GET verb, the body will be ignored.

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