Creating an API token

An API Token is required in order to access the API.
Last updated
June 13, 2023

Alpha Stage

The Bonsai API is currently in its Alpha release phase. It may not be feature-complete, and is subject to change without notice. If you have any questions about the roadmap of the API, please reach out to support.

An API Token is required in order to access the API. Tokens are associated to a user within a given account. To create a credential, navigate to your account and click on the API Tokens tab:

Click on the Generate Token button to create a token:

Whenever a token is submitted to the API, a log entry is generated for that token. The logs will indicate which token was used, how it was authenticated, who it belongs to (and the IP address of the requester), and a host of other information:

You can see even more details about a request by clicking on its Details button:

If there is some security concern with the request, there will be a flash message indicating that it was not made safely.

To revoke a token, click on the Revoke button. This will bring up a confirmation dialog. Confirm the request, and the token will be revoked. Once a token is revoked, it can no longer be used to access the API. Requests to the API using a revoked token will result in a HTTP 401: Authorization error.

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