Deprovision A Cluster

Here's how to deprovision a cluster from your Bonsai dashboard.
Last updated
June 19, 2023

Destroying your cluster is simple. In this doc we cover:

  1. How to deprovision a cluster
  1. FAQ

How to deprovision a cluster

If you need to deprovision(destroy) a cluster, navigate to your cluster, and head to the settings section of the dashboard.

Once you verify your account password in the form, you’ll be able to click the Deprovsion button.

Once a cluster has been deprovisioned, it is destroyed immediately. The data is deleted, it will instantly stop responding, and all requests will return an HTTP 404.

When you deprovision a paid cluster on Bonsai, you will automatically be credited with a prorated amount. This credit will apply to future invoices. For example, if you had a $50/mo cluster, which you destroyed after 3 weeks, you would get(roughly) $12.50 credit applied to your account.


This section does not apply to Heroku users. If you're a Heroku user, check out:


I don’t see the Settings section on my dashboard.

If you can’t find the Settings section on a cluster dashboard, then that means your Role on your team is either Member or Billing , neither of which can deprovision a cluster. Contact your team Admin to change your role, or handle the deprovision themselves. Read more about how teams on Bonsai work.

What if I accidentally deprovisioned my cluster?

The data in your cluster will be automatically deleted. Bonsai retains hourly snapshots for the past 24 hours, and daily snapshots for the past 7 days. So if you accidentally deleted data you needed, our team might be able to provide a partial restore, depending on when we are alerted. Contact us for more help.

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