Migrating from Heroku to a Direct Account

Make these Heroku application configuration changes when migrating to a Direct Account with Bonsai.
Last updated
July 6, 2023

Migrating from a Heroku Account to a Direct Account requires minor configuration changes in the Heroku application. This will require redeployment of the application.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up for an account at Please make sure to add your billing information.
  2. Change your application to use ELASTICSEARCH_URL environment variable rather than BONSAI_URL.
  3. Then configure your application in Heroku with the new ELASTICSEARCH_URL shown below:
    <span class="inline-code"><pre><code>heroku config:set ELASTICSEARCH_URL=$(heroku config:get BONSAI_URL)</code></pre></span>
    When you uninstall the Bonsai add-on, Heroku will remove the BONSAI_URL configuration setting. By redeploying your application to use this different environment variable now, you can remove any downtime for your application in later steps.
  4. Email and include: A) the email address associated with your new Bonsai account and B) the cluster(s) that you want migrated over.
  5. We’ll perform the migration. Your cluster URLs and all your data will remain intact. You will be billed at the monthly rate once that migration is complete. We’ll let you know once this step is done.
  6. Once we have confirmed that the migration is complete, remove the Bonsai addon(s) from your Heroku app so you’re not being billed twice! Uninstalling the Bonsai add-on at this step in Elasticsearch will remove the BONSAI_URL.
  7. You can migrate the rest of your application at your convenience. Any cluster we have migrated will now belong to your account and can be managed there. Please let us know if your application is not functioning as expected.

That’s it! Migrations are zero-downtime and take only a few minutes once our support team takes the ticket.

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