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Elasticsearch has a menagerie of available plugins, including support for custom ones.
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June 19, 2023

Elasticsearch has a menagerie of available plugins, including support for custom ones. We often get asked through our support channels whether we support a particular plugin and whether the user can install their own. Here you’ll find all the info you could ever want to know about plugins on Bonsai Elasticsearch.

Do you support plugin X?

Bonsai supports all of the plugins that ship with Elasticsearch, with some caveats. Plugins like X-Pack, Shield and Marvel require a license for commercial purposes, which we do not bundle into our subscriptions. We also don’t generally deploy unofficial plugins to the Shared level plans for stability and security reasons.

These are the plugins we currently deploy by default for all clusters:

Can I install my own plugins on Bonsai?

The answer depends on several things. If you’re on an single tenant plan, then we’re likely able to accommodate. We will need to review the plugin’s functionality, version support and maintenance status, and whether it’s under active development. Supported plugins that are not the property of the customer would require an open source license.

If your cluster is on one of our shared clusters, then it’s not possible to install a non-standard plugin. At Bonsai we’d love to be able to give you everything you want for your cluster, but we need to be opinionated about our shared cluster architecture to ensure security and performance for all other users.

More Questions?

Still have questions or concerns that weren’t addressed here? Shoot us an email and let us know!

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