Referral Credit Program

A guide on how you and the people you refer can earn credit that will be applied to your paid Bonsai plan.
Last updated
June 28, 2023

You and the people you refer can earn credit that will be applied to your account to on paid Bonsai plans. We'll cover how this process works in the following guide.

  1. Overview
  2. Refer new users with an email invite
  3. Refer new users with a shareable referral URL
  4. The new user referral sign up process
  5. FAQs

1. Overview

How it works:

<li>Send your unique referral URL to a new user.
<li>Enter the email of the person you are referring under your Referrals tab, and we’ll automatically send them an invite email with everything they need to know.</li>
<li>Copy your shareable link, and share your URL via email, social media, or whatever method works for you.</li>
<li>The new user signs up using your referral URL.</li>
<li>The new user pays for their first month on a paid cluster plan.</li>
<li>You earn $50 AND they receive $50 toward a paid Bonsai plan.</li>
<li>You can send your referral URL to as many people as you want, but you will stop earning credit once you have reached the limit of $50.</li>

To begin, navigate to Account Settings then to the Referrals tab.

Under the Referrals tab you will be able to access your unique referral URL and see how many referrals have been sent and accepted:

2. Refer new users with an email invite

Entering a new user's email address and clicking Invite will automatically send them an email with a detailed explanation of how to sign up for Bonsai using your referral URL. A success message on the dashboard will notify you that your invite has been successfully sent.

The email we send to new users looks like this:

3. Refer new users with a shareable referral URL

Clicking  Copy Link will automatically copy your referral URL to your clipboard.

Paste your unique referral URL to share it with new users through your personal email, social media, or wherever!

4. The new user referral sign up process

<li>When a new user is directed to our Sign Up page using your referral URL, they will see the following page:
<figure class="w-richtext-figure-type-image w-richtext-align-center"><div><img src="" alt=""></div></figure>
<li>By completing the sign up process through your referral URL, their account will be marked as having been created with your referral code</li>
<li>Once the new user has upgraded their cluster to a Staging plan or higher, you and the new user will both receive a credit of $50 towards the next monthly bill. Hooray!</li>

5. FAQs

Q: I don't have a Referrals tab in my Account Settings.

A: Only accounts with Standard an up clusters have access to Referrals.

The Referrals tab will show up in your Account Settings once you have at least one paid cluster in your account.

Q: I invited a friend with my referral URL, but I didn't receive any credit.

A: In order to receive the credit your friend has to both sign up for a new account with your referral URL and upgrade to their cluster to Standard, Business, or Enterprise. If you don't see your credit after that, please let us know at We're happy to get this sorted out for you.

Q: Can I accumulate credit and use it in the future?

A: No, your credit will automatically be applied to the following month’s payment.

Q: My referral credit is more than my plan’s cost. Does that carry over to the billing cycle?

A: No. Since this is a one-time credit, it can only be applied to the following month.

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